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Wempe Chronometerwerke, founded in 1905, has dedicated itself to the manufacture of maritime precision instruments and nautical time systems. Following traditional values ​​and always keeping an eye on the future, Wempe is one of the world's leading manufacturers today. All German research ships and many luxury cruise ships such as the MS Europa II are equipped with clock systems from Wempe Chronometerwerke.

Wempe also feels particularly committed to the fascination of sailing. On sailing yachts "in action" and as a decorative element in the office or living area, with high quality materials and elegant design, the marine chronometers, ship clocks and measuring instruments convince active sailors and friends of the maritime way of life alike.


CW450011_Wempe_Chronometerwerke_Maritim_Zoom_600x600          CW110011_Wempe_Chronometerwerke_Maritim_Zoom_600x600          CW550003_Wempe_Chronometerwerke_Maritim_Zoom_600x600          CW090001_Wempe_Chronometerwerke_Maritim_Zoom_600x600


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