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Tecma is the marine sanitation product line of Thetford and has been present in the sector of nautical WCs and marine sanitation systems since 1991. For over 15 years the Italian brand is worldwide known as the manufacturer of the finest toilets with beautiful styling. Top design, quality components and production and an uncompromising attitude have given the Italian brand its leading position. 

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This product line is recommended for yachts under 30 feet in length.

Dayboat and sport boats do not require a permanent sanitation system. Thetford Marine offers the perfect solution for fast, easy and cost effective sanitary solution. The affirmed quality of Thetford Porta Potti is the perfect compromise.

Thetford-Porta-Potti-565_Front_72dpi                     Thetford-Porta-Potti-365_150dpi


This product line is recommended for yachts of length ranging between 20 and 50 feet.

It is a real challenge for a yacht designer to assemble all the components in the volume space of a 20-50 feet yacht, as boat owners expect to find the same level of comfort of a bigger yacht. These Tecma toilets are equipped with a properly sized macerator pump combined with a space-saving toilet shape.




This product line is recommended for yachts of length ranging between 50 and 100 feet.

When it gets to sanitation, Thetford Marine helps the designer to make this process as smooth and easy as possible. Thetford Marine developed perfect toilet designs in different sizes. The designer can pick up exactly what is required to outfit the specific bathroom, whether it is the master, VIP, guest, day or crew head.

Elegance-2G-Toilet-Bidet_thermo-e1576583323828   Silence-Plus-2G-Short-Toilet-Bidet_thermo-e1576583061930


This product line is recommended for yachts of 100 feet of length and more.

Modern furniture, decor, art, style and marine technology are all combined in this range of products. Pairing units in a bathroom offers attractive symmetry. Design create values, values create the future.

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