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Shockwave is a Canadian company with a global presence, originally founded in 1965. They design and manufacture marine suspension seats for professional and recreational boating markets. It is their commitment to continual improvement, rigorous testing, safety standards and innovative shock module design, that protects boaters from the shock of the wave impact.

Shockwave works hard to find the best solutions that offer boaters an experience they would never have imagined. As avid boaters themselves, they understand what customers value most and create the best marine suspension seats to provide a safer, more comfortable and exciting ride.

Shockwave offers a broad range of products, providing customers with a wide choice of product solutions. Within a professional product line, they offer unlimited customization, allowing for mission specific designs.  Their products are built with simple yet rugged construction, so they are easy to own. This translates to a lower total cost of ownership: Less training, lower maintenance, longer life, and better performance


SW-S2-1200-mid-back                 SW-S3-2403-CORBIN-JOCKEY-FRONT-MOUNT     SW-S2-5603-Bulkhead-Mount-S2-Folding-Troop-Seat                     SW-ICE3006R-ICE3-6person-with-roof

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