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InterVOLT has been producing specialised power control and conversion products for the transportation market for over 10 years. All their products are designed, developed and assembled in-house at their premises in Perth, Western Australia.

Their design ethos is based on quality, performance and value and they are committed to the advancement of technology in their field. interVOLT products are constructed of quality materials and designed to cope with the demands of the harshest applications, particularly in high ambient temperature and humid environments.

They foster an extensive research, engineering and testing program in order to deliver only the best commodity to customers


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To describe the new second generation SVC Voltage Converters as an innovation would be an understatement.

With digital over analogue control the GEN II SVC offers previously unheard-of performance and a myriad of features to assist the installer and user.

The unit features pre-emptive alarms to warn of impending shutdown which can also be monitored remotely. Multi-stage fan colling enables the unit to run in the hottest of environments and it can now be mounted in any position as it no longer relies on convective cooling. It can also be remotely isolated at the flick of a switch and a separate, independent output provides a constant low power supply for items such as security systems  


voltage converter


The Switchmode Voltage Stabilizer is a excellent value-for-money when the specification is compared to similar products in the market. With digital over analogue control the interVOLT SVS series is second-to-none in terms of performance with a high specification in a compact device. It incorporates diagnostics with LED status indication to assist the installer/operator in identifying and troubleshoot issues should they arise.

The SVS also boasts automatic features that protect both the device and the equipment connected




The EBI Pro is an electronic battery isolator aimed at replacing out-dated “electro-mechanical” type devices. Boasting features never before seen in dual battery isolators, the EBI Pro is designed to provide users with real advantage and years of service.




Voltage Sensing Relays have existed in one form or another for many years. They are commonly used to automatically replace the traditional manual process of controlling the charge function between batteries or battery banks, thus eliminating the risk of over/under charging.

InterVOLT takes this process to a whole new level. The innovative design of the interVOLT PSR replaces traditional electro-mechanical relay devices used in 12/24 DC applications by removing all mechanical parts to produce a completely solid state product with a myriad of added features


voltage sensing relay


The InterVOLT’s SPCI Power Conditioners are known for resolving many of the issues associated with DC power in vehicles and vessels. They are in fact a converter, stabilizer, isolator and regulator all built into a single innovative package.

These devices feature galvanic isolation with no common connectivity between the input and output via positive or negative conductors. This means peace-of-mind when connecting sensitive and often expensive high-end electronic equipment to the output


power conditioner


The interVOLT range of SLD electronic DC lighting dimmers provide an excellent solution for the dimming of conventional lamps as well as compatible LED devices. The dimming of onboard lighting in boats, RVs, Caravans and Coaches at an affordable price has always been an issue. The SLD Series overcomes this with a feature packed design, not only presenting great value, but ensuring reliability, longevity, and safety


lighting dimmer


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