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FCI has been innovating and custom building Watermakers and filtration systems for over 30 years. Whether you’re looking for a completely tailored solution, or reconfiguring an existing system, FCI will develop an innovative solution to meet, and in most cases, exceed your water filtration needs. Every adaptation of FCI’s exclusive watermaking technology re-defines our reputation for being the industry’s true innovators of tomorrow’s reverse
osmosis systems

Their systems are designed knowing at some point it will need to be serviced. That is why careful attention is paid to the accessibility of serviceable components, and placement of system controls. This promotes seamless monitoring, trouble-free maintenance, less frustration and downtime, and results in optimal system output.

Their custom engineered solutions utilize decades of plant design experience, and the latest developments in reverse osmosis technology. Whether it’s using Duplex stainless steel, advanced pre-filtration, energy recovery, or tailoring our proprietary V5 HMI/PLC advanced touch screen control system, extraordinary watermaking reliability and sophistication are right at your fingertips.




Available Output
GPD: 200

The FCI Aqualite Series is a perfect fit for power and sail boaters who require a low power consumption Watermaker.
Don’t let its small stature fool you. The Aqualite Series embodies absolutely everything FCI Watermakers signifies: superior quality, top-grade materials, impeccable design and unsurpassed engineering. This marine desalination unit incorporates the highest grade components and quality craftsmanship the marine industry has to offer — after all, it is a FCI Watermakers system. With production output of 200 GPD, this series of Watermakers presents boaters with a lower power consumption alternative, producing unlimited purified water on-board for virtually all applications.

Digital remote displays can be added to your system for remote operation, system monitoring, and to control the optional Fresh Water Flush. The Fresh Water Flush prolongs the life of the filters, membranes, pumps seals and valves.



Available Output
GPD: 250 / 500 / 600 / 800 / 1200 / 1800

The FCI Aquamiser+ Series offers the latest in engineering solutions and trouble-free operation. It’s the dependable solution for boaters who prefer an active approach to operating their Watermaker.

The exclusive AQ3 Control System allows remote display capability, and programmable settings with a fully automated Fresh Water Flush system. Scheduled flushes, once a week or more frequently, will help maintain and keep your Watermaker fresh and ready for your next voyage.
With outputs of 250-1,800 GPD, and available in both Framed or Modular configurations, this series has a solution for your purified water needs. In addition to remote monitoring and control capabilities, Commercial Pre-filters are standard on 1,200 and 1,800 GPD units; and, a no-cost upgrade for lower output systems when chosen at the time of order.



Available Output
GPD: 700 / 1275 / 1850

The Max-Q+ series pioneered complete automation and brings you the yachting industry’s first and only marine certified touch screen display. Backed by leading technical support, FCI’s preeminent technology is proven reliable.

The Max-Q+ and Max-Q+APC utilize FCI’s latest generation V4 controller and interface, allowing customization of your Watermaker through intuitive advanced touch screen controls. Our monitors’ higher heat tolerance and system design allows them to work in the harshest environments. FCI touch screen controllers can be installed with confidence, because they are Bridge Certified for marine use with Type Approval Certifications from: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Every Max-Q+ system is supported by mulit-point Vibration Isolation Mounts to dampen sound, making it one of the quietest operating systems around.



Available Output
GPD (DTS+): 600 / 700 / 1200 / 1275 / 1800 / 1850
GPD (DTS+ Solo): 2000 - 3000

Dockside Treatment System (DTS) is another FCI Watermakers innovation, specifically designed to treat dock water.

The FCI DTS+ series lets you enjoy fresh purified drinking and cooking water from your dockside source at minimal cost without compromising your sea water membranes. This advanced system includes a GAC filter and delivers up to 70% recovery rate. That is more than twice the recovery rate of its predecessor. It is optimized for extended membrane life, which means less maintenance, lower operating costs and more enjoyment out on the water.

The FCI DTS+ is an add-on component installed in-line with your FCI Watermaker, and because no additional pumps or secondary system are necessary, installation is a breeze.



Available Output
GPD: 1400 / 2000 / 2500 / 2800 / 3600

The Atlas+APC is a commercial system with a small footprint and robust components.

The Atlas+ Series is capable of producing 1,400–3,600 GPD and is upgradeable throughout the series. The Automated Pressure Control (APC) with manual override puts making pure fresh water, literally, a touch away. At the heart of the system are a durable wash-down duty, 5 HP motor and a robust 316 stainless steel high pressure pump that allow for extended run times. When installation space or generator size is limited, the Atlas+ Series truly encompasses the best of both pleasure boating and commercial worlds.



Available Output
GPD: 3400 / 4600 / 5800 / 8000 / 10000

The Neptune+ has been recognized for its high efficiency and extreme reliability.

With output capacities ranging from 3,400 to 10,000 GPD, the Neptune+ Series has established itself as a dependable workhorse by utilizing premium components: 316SS pumps, commercial filtration, NEMA 4X electrical enclosures, slow turning HP pumps, pressure vessels with 6x the safety factor, and industry-leading certified control systems. When you add Automated Pressure Control, and the corresponding media filtration skid, the Neptune+APC is the optimum system with automated watermaking at your fingertips. The Neptune+ Horizontal and Modular configurations allow flexible installation options, which make it ideal for commercial vessels, island homes, oil platforms, hotels, or large yachts with limited operating space.

The Neptune+ is equipped with FCI’s next generation V4 controller and interface, which allows customization of your Watermaker through intuitive advanced touch screen controls. Our monitor’s higher heat tolerance and system design allows it to work in the harshest environments. FCI V4 HMI/PLC Touch Screen Controls can be installed with confidence, because they are Marine Certified with Type Approval Certifications from: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.



Available Output
GPD: 14265 / 17171 / 21397 / 27210

Unrivalled quality and superior manufacturing with proven reliability in the most demanding of applications.

With output ranging from 14,265 – 27,210 GPD, capacity can be easily re-configured with additional vessels. The frame is powder coated Aluminum with built-in forklift slots, and lifting eyes are optional. Our exclusive V4 HMI/PCL Control System is fully automated and customizable through a Marine Certified, high-resolution Touch Screen mounted in a stainless steel enclosure, which is NMEA 4X compliant. The Poseidon+ is commonly used around the world on offshore oil platforms, petroleum support vessels, commercial ships, military vessels, mid-sized hotels, island applications and for various remote necessities.



Available Output
GPD: 55,000-264,000

From 200 m3 to 1000 m3, the customizable Titan series delivers pure fresh water for high demand applications.

The Titan Series is admired worldwide for its reliability, design and low maintenance. Whether it’s manual or completely automated, the Titan Series is completely customizable and configurable to fit a wide range of applications. Add a next generation V5 HMI/PLC Touch Screen Controller, Energy Recovery, fully automated media filtration, fully automated pressure control, and massive high-capacity membranes; these custom systems are a special breed of Watermakers, built and tailored to your unique specifications. These innovative adaptations of FCI’s exclusive watermaking technology redefine our reputation for being the industry’s true innovators of tomorrow’s marine desalination.



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