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Since 1978, Cleemann Chair-Systems have been providing highly sophisticated, functional and extremely comfortable pilot chair systems to shipbuilders and shipowners all over the world. Being well-known for the high level of flexibility when designing an individual seat application, we have become established a leading company in the market.

Cleemann specialises in purpose-built, ergonomic chair solution for a wide range of vessels including navy ships, rescue boats, work boats, luxury yachts and commercial ships. Chairs are manufactured in accordance with strict ISO quality standards as well as the rules of major international classification societies and defence regulations.


Operator_Star_Slim-2629x4809-1399x2560  Commander_XL_2-1731x2560         Nautic_Pro-1470x2560 Operator_IMO_RetArmlehne2016-1921x2560



Cleemann´s operator and special seats are mission purpose seats specifically designed to meet even the most demanding requirements of the world’s navies, coast guards and fast-response rescue craft. Please contact us for more information on chairs which are approved according to the IMO’s HSC design criteria as well as chairs approved by defense industries with 120G load testing.


Operator_Star_Slim-2629x4809-1399x2560               Operator_IMO_RetArmlehne2016-1921x2560


Highly ergonomic, professional helmsman chain in a premium design. Corresponds to the highest standards of ergonomics, comfort and functionality. With just a few adjustments, it turns into a fully customized chair that precisely meets every captain´s individual requirements. The innovative ergonomic basic shape and easy-to-use controls promote a healthy posture at all time.


Nautic_Pro-1470x2560               Nautic_CCS022-1921x2560


Customizable operator seats for on- and offshore application. With fully integrated controls in the armrests, the new operator seat Commander has specially been developed to meet the extreme needs and levels of comfort required on the new generation of vessels.

The special armrest consoles provide plentiful space for a number of steering controls and instruments. This permits relaxed manoeuvring without any loss of comfort and control. Lots of individual adjustment possibilities meet the strongest demands of ergonomics for the operator.




Suspended Jockey seat Light weight for easy one-man installation with less fatigue from 3 axis shock mitigation for reduced whiplash from lateral and fore-aft forces.



Helmsman and operator chair with comfortable design; the ideal space-saving solution for smaller wheelhouses. the Dolphin is equipped with basic functions and corresponds to the requirements of leading classification companies.


Dolphin_CCS110-3580x4684-1957x2560      Dolphin_Compact_01-3181x4513-1804x2560

Strong, but easy to move work chair for pilots and operators.

Available also with securing lug and mounting plate.


Foldable seat for wall fastening.

A place-saving and convenient solution on board.




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