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Catenificio Rigamonti is one of the few European manufacturers of round link chains, among which chains in AISI 304 – 316L stainless steel, Grade 50, low-carbon steel and heat-treated alloy steel. 

Catenificio Rigamonti, founded in 1929 and at its fourth family generation, grew its potentials over the years thanks to investments targeted to constantly improve products and services, and able to satisfy multiple needs of customers located in over 50 countries worldwide. 

The production process is based on automatic lines that can test the work quality in each phase: wire drawing, bending and linking are executed in millimetric compliance with the set model or reference standard, while final welding is supervised by the most modern electronic system.


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The chain does not undergo surface treatments after the production process.

It is the most price-effective solution for uses that do not require protection against corrosion.

The raw chain is generally sold in continuous length for customers that re-employ the product in various industrial works or marina building.

Hot deep galvanizing consists of immersing steel objects in a bath of molten zinc, kept at an average temperature of 450 °C, that plates the steel with a thin and resistant zinc layer.

Thanks to the pre-treatment in a bath of molten salts of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride, the steel binds to the zinc, conferring a much higher resistance to corrosion compared to electro galvanizing, also due to the greater mechanical resistance of the protective layer that is also effective against salt and galvanic currents.

Pursuant to UNI EN ISO 1461 standard, the process consists of the following phases:

  1. Degreasing and pickling, using surface-active agents and hydrochloric acid;
  2. Fluxing by immersion in ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solution;
  3. Galvanization through immersion, after pre-heating at 100°C, in molten zinc vat at 450°C, for the time required for the steel to reach the same temperature of the zinc;
  4. Cooling in air or water, followed by a potential passivation treatment.

The products in stainless steel ensure utmost resistance against oxidation.

We use two types of steel: AISI 304L for protection against atmospheric agents and AISI 316L also suitable in acid, galvanic and salty environments.

The production process of stainless-steel chains ends with polishing which confers a shiny aspect to the finished product.

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