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Established in 1895 as Kahlenberg Brothers Company, Kahlenberg Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of sound signaling products, primarily consisting of pneumatic air and electric horns for marine, industrial, and mass notification use. Customers include the largest navies of the world as well as hundreds of O.E.M. manufacturers. They excel at designing and manufacturing sound signaling equipment of unmatched reliability, specifically suited for the purposes required by our customers. Having been in business continuously for over 120 years, The culture has always been to exceed customer expectations with regard to product quality and customer service. 

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These Kahlenberg Air Horns and Electric Horns were developed to withstand the punishing use of commercial and military service. The unmatched reliability of Kahlenberg horns has been proven with extensive in-house durability testing as well as decades of service in thousands of marine installations.

All Kahlenberg Air Horns and Electric Horns meet or exceed IMO Requirements. Various Type Approvals to the regulations are supplied upon request and with every order.



Certified to international requirements for yachts up to 200 Meters in length, Kahlenberg air horns for yachts and pleasure craft are all built to extremely high standards of quality. With a worldwide reputation for durability, distinctive sound, and exceptional finish, Kahlenberg Air Horns are found on the majority of the world’s superyachts.

All Kahlenberg sound signals are certified to ensure conformance to industry standards established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) (72 COLREGS). Type approvals from various classification societies are available for all models.




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