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Since 1986, Fortress anchors have proven to be one the best boat anchors in the world. These high performance anchors are precision-machined from a high-tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminum magnesium alloy, and are sharper and able to penetrate faster and deeper into most common sea bottoms than heavier, dull-edged traditional steel anchors which weigh 50% more or even greater.

In the US Navy tests, not only did the Fortress anchors out-perform much heavier steel anchors, they were also able to withstand pull loads that averaged over 200x their own weight … and without incurring serious damage to the anchors, which was noted in the test report summary:

Fortress anchors can be quickly disassembled for compact storage as a spare or storm anchor and lets you choose between two shank / fluke angles to provide outstanding holding power in common sea bottoms


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