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Albin Pump develops manufactures and sells seal less pumps which simplifies and increases efficiency through innovative solutions. The driving force behind the company is to provide better pump solutions.

The Albin Pump ranges of pumps are available in a wide variety of versions in order to fit every demand. All pumps are developed and manufactured in their own facilities in France. They have the engineering and production capabilities to meet customers needs and to provide tailored solutions.


01-03-013-014_Bilge_HeavyDuty_2250GPH-v2-600x600   05-01-008_FIP_EngineCooling_VPEngineCoolingPump-v1-600x600   08-02-007_WaterHeaters_SSHeaters_SSWaterHeater30L-v1-300x300   03-01-005-006_WasteWater_Macerator_MaceratorPump43L-v1-600x600


Albin Pump Marine’s series of submersible Cartridge Bilge Pumps and Twin port Aerator Pumps that are designed with the latest technology in order to meet the requirements and standards for the marine industry. Sport fishing, water sports, cruising as well as commercial duties.
The series is based on the well-proven APM 12/24 V motors for capacities 500 GPH, 750 GPH & 1100 GPH.


01-02-002_Bilge_SubmersibleStandard_CartridgeBilgePump500GPH12V-v2-600x600       01-03-013-014_Bilge_HeavyDuty_2250GPH-v2-600x600       01-04-016-017_Bilge_SubmersibleAutomatic_750GPH-v1-600x600      01-31-045_Bilge_Manual_ManualBilgePumpFlushMount25mmBulk-v1-600x600


Albin Pump Marine WPS300-series 3-chamber and WPS500-Premium Series 5-chamber diaphragm Water Pressure System pumps for providing pressurized water on demand! Our WPS pumps supply continuous, pulsation-free, pressurized flow of both hot and cold water to faucets, showerheads and more. Choose between the 3- and 5-chamber diaphragm pumps, depending on required flow rates and the number of faucets to be served. Manufactured according to CE standard; EN55014-1, ISO 88461 & ISO10133. Under approval


02-01-003_WaterPressure_WPSStandard_WPS2-6-v1-600x600          02-05-018-019_WaterPressure_WashDownKits_WDCompleteKit5_2_12V-6-v3-600x600          Strainer-40-mesh-600x592


Single chamber, self-priming, diaphragm pumps for grey or bilge water.

  • Shower drain, transfer or pump-out
  • Flexible installation with 360-degree rotational ports
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Operates with no need for filter
  • Can run dry without to damage the Pump


03-01-001-002_WasteWater_22L19-25mm_WasteWaterDiaphragmPump22L-v2-600x600        03-01-005-006_WasteWater_Macerator_MaceratorPump43L-v1-600x600        03-02-010_WasteWater_CompleteKits_72LWasteWaterTankCPLMacerator-v2-600x600        03-66-012_WasteWater_Accessories_TankLevelIndicatorKit-v1-600x600


Albin Pump Marine FIP DC Pumps are self-priming with reversible flow direction – ideal for dockside services such as bilge and deck wash pumps, refuelling pumps for diesel and oils as well as for fresh water and ballast pumping. Permitted to run dry for more than 30 seconds.


Ballast1-600x600        04-01-001-002_GeneralPurpose_DCImpeller_FIP_F2-v3-600x600        04-02-007-008_GeneralPurpose_GearPump_GeneralPurposeGearPump-v1-600x600        04-01-005-006_GeneralPurpose_DCImpeller_FIP_F4-v2-600x600


Albin Pump Marine flexible impeller pumps are designed to handle most commercial and pleasure boats need for raw water applications. The self-priming ability makes FIP pumps being the right choice for engine cooling, bilge pumping and deck wash. The pumps have a long life due to the heavy-duty design and ensure correct cooling flow with Albin Pump Marine premium Impellers.


05-01-008_FIP_EngineCooling_VPEngineCoolingPump-v1-600x600        05-01-023_FIP_EngineCooling_YEngineCoolingPump-v1-300x300        05-01-014_FIP_EngineCooling_VPEngineCoolingPump-v1-600x600        FIP_EngineCooling_VP-EngineCoolingPumpPN05-01-002-ver1-600x600


A wide range of suitable replacement impellers for most engine cooling pumps and other FIP applications. The Albin Pump Marine impellers are one of the best impellers in the world. ISO 9001 quality guaranteed.


06-01-004-600x600        06-01-011-600x600        06-01-019-600x600        06-01-084-600x600


The Albin Pump Marine Premium Water Heaters and square models have a toxic-free ceramic inside coating to ensure the highest water quality over time. Dual heating as standard - electrical heating and indirect heating based on a second heat source, for example, based on the cooling system from the Marine engine or generator set.


08-02-007_WaterHeaters_SSHeaters_SSWaterHeater30L-v1-300x300        08-01-002_WaterHeaters_PremiumHeaters_PremiumWaterHeater30L-v1-600x600        Square-with-coil-front-300x300        08-01-005_WaterHeaters_PremiumHeaters_PremiumWaterHeater20L-v1-600x600


Albin Pump I5Marine defrosters include a heavy-duty heating unit and high-quality electrical components shielded by a stainless-steel cover for long service life. For connection to engines with the fresh water-cooling system. Available as complete kits and stand-alone heating units.


09-02-001-002_Defrosters_PleasureBoat_MarineDefrosterKit2kW-v1-600x600        09-02-007-008_Defrosters_Commercial_PremiumDefrosterKit12kW-v2a-600x600        09-02-015-016_Defrosters_Commercial_PremiumDefroster9kW6outlets-v1-600x600        9kwfront-600x600


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