Model KB-15G – Electric Horn and Hailer

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Model KB-15G – Electric Horn and Hailer


KAHLENBERG - Model KB-15G Electric Horn and Hailer

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The KB-15G is a type approved Electronic Horn and Voice Hailing system for marine use that produces a powerful horn signal for all types of vessels up to 20 meters in length. In addition, the KB-15G-BASE model provides voice amplification for marine hailing purposes. Included are a "black box" control module for mounting inside the helm station, "push to talk" microphone with mounting bracket, and a high output marine duty speaker made entirely from corrosion proof materials. Auxiliary inputs are included for connection of other audio sources such as radios or public address systems. The KB-15G Horn Signal is ideally controlled with the included Kahlenberg M-127 rocker switch, but can be configured for use with any standard momentary contact push button or Kahlenberg Signal Timer/Control for automatic operation.
•    121 dB of Horn and Hailing Power
•    Type Approved for Vessels up to 20 Meters in Length
•    "Black Box" CM-15 control unit with console mount speaker/microphone included
•    Operates with M-127 Push Button and/or any Kahlenberg Signal Control Timer for automatic fog signaling
•    Multiple Horns can be controlled from single station for hailing/talkback and/or horn signal
•    Auxiliary Audio Input provided for use with other audio sources
•    Operates on 12 or 24 Volt D.C. electrical current


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Vessel Length

Less than 20 Meters (65 ft.)



Power Type


Additional Specifications

Frequency: 698 HzS.P.L.
Output: 121 dB (1/3 Octave Band)
Voltage: 12 or 24 Volt D.C.
Power Consumption: 30 Watts
Materials: (Horn and Driver) Polyamide
(Mounting Bracket and fasteners): Stainless Steel
Finish: Grey
Net Weight: (Horn) 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
Ingress Protection: (Horn) IP67
Max./Min. Amb. Temp.: -30 deg. F.(-34 deg. C/120 deg. F/49 deg. C.
Cable Size: .25" (6mm)- .45" (11.5mm)