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Ronstan Andersen Logo“ANDERSEN Winches© are all about Design and Engineering. They believe in setting standards, as this is the only way they can ensure a lifetime of safe sailing for their customers and a future at sea for their products. To achieve this, they employ state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and their staff are all dedicated to continuous development. They remain at the cutting edge of development by working closely with yachtsmen and sailing professionals.

After half a century of designing and manufacturing ANDERSEN Winches© – and with most of these still on the job – they feel they’ve earned the right to be proud. Their success also encourages them to continue developing standards setting equipment.

Available in single & dual speed self tailing with full stainless steel construction option. For small sailing boats to large mega sailing yachts. Powered options available. ”

More Info : http://andersenwinches.com/