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Ritchie“RITCHIE compasses are built with ultra lightweight dial assemblies. Therefore, they don’t need to use heavy fluid to artificially dampen the movement. Their compasses are filled with a highly refined, very low-viscosity dampening fluid which allows the dial to move smoothly within the bowl and lock on to magnetic north faster than other compasses. Ritchie’s dampening fluid is also refined for brilliant, optical clarity. Compasses are filled with fluid drawn under vacuum. Fluid drawn this way helps eliminate the formation of bubbles and is again, one more reason for Ritchie’s quality reputation.

The Ritchie Compass dial assembly is a combination of components that includes the pivot and jewel, the gimbal system, powerful DirectiveForce magnets, extremely lightweight dials and a counter balance tab. Before this entire assembly can be placed into the compass bowl, it must be balanced to assure optimum performance and accuracy. Any adjustment is made with a light weight counter balance which hangs below the dial. This tab also provides additional stability to the entire assembly. ”

More Info : http://www.ritchienavigation.com