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AmelIntervoltec Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned and operated Australian private company and the proud owner of the interVOLT brand, a trademark registered in over 20 countries worldwide.

They have been producing specialised power control and conversion products for the transportation market for over 10 years. All their products are designed, developed and assembled in-house at their premises in Perth, Western Australia.

Their design ethos is based on quality, performance and value and they are committed to the advancement of technology in their field. interVOLT products are constructed of quality materials and designed to cope with the demands of the harshest applications, particularly in high ambient temperature and humid environments.

They foster an extensive research, engineering and testing program in order to deliver only the best commodity to their customers. In choosing an interVOLT product you are supporting Australian innovation, technology and intellectual property.

More Info : http://www.intervolt.com/